MacArthur Foundation's Initiative to Promote Midwifery in Mexico, Complete Baseline Report

by Kimberli Keith-Brown; Lucille C. Atkin

Jun 26, 2017

This baseline report is a first step in the evaluation of the MacArthur Foundation'sĀ initiative to improve maternal and reproductive health in Mexico by helping to institutionalize professional midwifery. The foundation's strategy concentrates on contributing to lasting, measurable, and targeted changes in the maternal and reproductive health landscape of Mexico by capitalizing on and strengthening momentum around building a new cadre of professional midwives, in order to reach a tipping point that will allow for improved quality of care and, eventually, better maternal health outcomes.

The purpose of the baseline evaluation was to understand the starting points for the initiative with respect to:

  1. Midwifery and maternal health care in Mexico

  2. Training in professional midwifery

  3. Demand for and understanding of professional midwifery

  4. The legal and policy framework