Progressing Issues of Social Importance Through the Work of Indigenous Artists: A Social Impact Evaluation of the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation's Pilot Community Inspiration Program

by Miriam Jorgensen; Miskodagaaginkwe Beaudrie

Jun 5, 2017

In 2014, the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation (NACF) launched a new initiative, the Community Inspiration Program (CIP), which is rooted in the understanding that arts and cultures projects have an important role to play in motivating community engagement and supporting social change.

This report considers the social impacts of the 2014 CIP projects—what effects did they have on communities and on the issues, conversations, and connections that are critical in those communities? Its secondary purpose is to provide the NACF with ideas for how to improve its grant making in support of arts for community change.

In our usage, for a CIP project to have "social impact," it should make a difference in communities. "Social change" is the idea of moving in a desired direction on an issue of community importance and social relevance. Thus, a project has social impact if it progresses social change.